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K9 QRP: Ruff Radio


"K9 QRP" is a term I coined to describe the integration of "man's best friend", fresh air, and outdoor fun with low-power ham radio operations. My German Shepherd, Rudy, and I have experimented with a variety of QRP-carry configurations. This web page is intended as a placeholder for sharing K9 QRP related information.


Rudy's HF gear stowed and ready to roll



Rudy rocking a VHF rig. Details on the radio pouch can be found here.


K9 QRP Article Appears in CQ Magazine!

Some time back I prepared a manuscript for an article entitled: K9 QRP: Fun with Ruff Radio. Specifically, the article describes how I outfitted my German Shepherd to carry a complete HF radio station in the field. The article suggests an array of QRP carry options, including VHF gear, and provides specifications for an extremely lightweight 4-band HF dipole. I think it successfully makes the case that your options for K9 QRP are limited only by your imagination!


I'm pleased to report that this manuscript has been published by CQ Magazine and appears in their June 2017 "Take It To The Field": issue. I highly recommend this magazine.

If you'd like to read the article youself, simply click here or click on the magazine cover.



Rudy on the cover of CQ!


Want to Learn More About MOLLE Vests and K9 QRP Options?

The dog vest upon which my K9 QRP experiments are based is the ForceK9 Combat Vest. I have prepared an extensive 29-page review of this product entitled (surprise!) A Review of the ForceK9 MOLLE Combat Vest. I invite you to click on the link and download it for reference. It includes commentary about my acquisition experience, features and attributes of ForceK9's vest, and field testing of the vest in combination with a variety of surplus MOLLE-complaint pouches and containers. I also include commentary about animal safety and references to additional MOLLE-related information. If your dog aspires to be a radio dog, you need to read this paper.

Get Your Own K9 QRP Morale Patch!

I thought the idea of K9 QRP was sufficiently novel to justify the design and fabrication of some custom morale patches. I have a limited supply of extra K9 QRP logo patches for sale, if anyone is interested. They are circular, embroidered, about 3-inches in diameter, and well-made. I am offering them for the cost of $5.00 per patch which includes shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S. (Other QTH's may require additional postage) I can accept a check or Paypal for payment if you prefer. Please send me an email if you are interested.

 The K9 QRP morale patch


Send Me Some Pictures!

Rudy is famous now, why not your dog too? Send me a photo of your radio dog and his gear and I'll post it here! Who doesn't like dogs?


In Memory of My Friend

Rudy the radio dog left this world and crossed the rainbow bridge in July of 2019. He was 11. I love you and I miss you, buddy.


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