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Radio Room 



The Radio Room

If you visit here with any regularity, you noticed that the Radio Room was starting to get a little bit cluttered. I have divided my articles into two subcategories, "Radio Operations" and "Radio Projects." Be sure to visit both links as I continue to add material to my site.


Radio Operations

Visit this link to find out how I became an amateur radio operator, how to capture and decode HF weather faxes and satellite maps, and why switching power supplies make noise. Interested in communicating a couple of thousand miles with a radio and a kite? How about sending morse code from the antenna at the site of a nuclear missile silo? Read about these topics and more.

Radio Projects

Visit this link to see a variety of radio-related projects. Watch me build a dummy load, restore the receiver from a vintage bomber, or build power supplies for a battle-tested Iraqi transceiver. Follow along as I build primitive radio equipment from common refuse, or experiment with electronic parts in novel ways, and that's just the beginning.