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Marvelous Magnetic Machines

Gallery 2

Here, you can take a look at some more images associated with the projects appearing in my book, Marvelous Magnetic Machines.

This motor is called the Twister. A stator with coils fired under the control of Hall Effect sensors drives a rotor fitted with cabinet magnets. The operation of this motor is similar, in principle, to the operation of the kinds of low-voltage fans found in computer power supplies and on CPU coolers.



When not in use, the Twister sits under a bell jar, as seen in this FreeCAD model.



This is a look at the actual Twister motor, without its base and support structure.




Here is a FreeCAD model view of the Twister's stator showing some of the drive coils and the Hall Effect sensors.



The bearing, shaft, and base for the rotor were harvested from a discarded VCR. Below is a representation of a typical VCR tape drum, and below it, an exploded view of what you typically find inside of one.




Another view of the Twister, this time from the side. Note the use of brass ashtrays in the construction of both the rotor and stator.




While deceptively simple, the Twister contains a lot of little parts.




Arguably the "Grande Dame" of Marvelous Magnetic Machines,  I call this machine the Copper Queen. The Queen's frame was once a fruit basket. Major structural components also include the base of a paper towel holder, an ashtray, and a pair of hurricane brackets.



My FreeCAD rendering of a similar view.




Looking down upon the Queen.





The Copper Queen's rotor is comprised of parts of a VCR tape drum, doorbell coils, and a homemade commutator fashioned from a piece of copper pipe. The arbor and gear on the shaft is there primarily for aesthetics.




Handmade brush holders, fashioned from hobby brass,  keep carbon brushes in contact with the Copper Queen's commutator.




Here, a not-so-discrete shot of the Queen's... err... "backside."


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(pilot - 02/28/2021)