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My Books

Where Can I Buy Them?

The links below represent part of the list of book sellers, dealers, distributors, and societies that have sold my books. Please take the time to visit them all, and when you make a purchase, do let them know that I sent you!
Amazon.com (Featured Seller)

You know who these people are! If it's printed on paper and bound between covers, Amazon.com has it, or can get it! Regrettably, Amazon has taken something of non-cooperative posture with regard to small publishers, but they can special order my books for you, and on occasion, you may find a used copy advertised by one of their e-shops.

American Radio Relay League (Featured Seller)

The ARRL, founded in 1914 by Hiram Percy Maxim, is a huge organization dedicated to promoting amateur radio, protecting amateur radio spectrum space, lobbying for ham-friendly legislation and regulations, and encouraging radio experimentation. In addition, they sell and distribute a huge assortment of interesting books, CD-ROMS, videos, and other training/technical/reference materials. I am very pleased to announce that they now carry Instruments of Amplification as well.

Antique Electronic Supply

These people sell every conceivable part for antique radios and vintage tube-based equipment. Get their catalog. It's full of tubes, transformers, speakers, miscellaneous parts and hardware, kits, books, and more! AES presently stocks The Voice of the Crystal, but not Instruments of Amplification

Antique Radio Classified

A.R.C. is antique radio's largest circulation monthly magazine (7000+ subscribers!) Issues include ads for parts and services, classifieds, auction prices, photos, meet and flea schedules, articles on radio collecting/repair/history, as well as materials on TV, telegraph, ham radio, and hi-fi, and audio. Their web site offers photos, data, and more, including an online book store. ARC presently stocks The Voice of the Crystal only

Artisan Ideas (Featured Seller)

If you are a student (or master) of  hands-on, from-scratch, craftsman-oriented activities like knife-making, blacksmithing, gunsmithing, metalworking, carving, or pottery,  then you don't need an introduction to Artisan Ideas dot Com. Artisan has provided the craftsman community rare and interesting books and DVDs on these subjects for more than a decade. I am very pleased to announce that Artisan is now a distributor of my books as well.

Camden Miniature Steam Services (Featured Seller)

For some time, my friends in the U.K. have lamented the difficulty in obtaining my books. I'm pleased to report that both Instruments of Amplification and The Voice of the Crystal are now available through special arrangement with Camden. These people carry an amazing variety of books dealing with such topics as steam and internal combustion engines, hot air engines, horology, trains, boats, planes, mining, alternative technologies, and last but not least, electricity and radio! Give them a shout and tell them I said hello!

Fair Radio Sales

Fair Radio Sales is your one-stop shopping source for unusual and hard-to-find radio and electronic parts, including military surplus. They also carry a decent selection of radio and electronics-related books. I'm proud to announce that my books are now listed among their inventory of fine products.

Powell's Books (Featured Seller)

Wow...I think these people must stock one of every book ever printed! I'm very pleased to find my books now listed among the many fine titles that Powell's Books offers. Give them a look!

PW Publishing (Featured Seller)

Here is another excellent source of my books for those of you on the far side of the "pond." In addition to being the publisher of the classic magaines like "Practical Wireless" and "Radio User," PW Publishing offers bookshelves full of top-quality radio, electronics, and experimenter's books.

Quality Technical Books

Quality Technical Books means one-stop shopping for a wide assortment of excellent books dealing with radio and communications electronics including study guides, antennas, QRP, digital modes, electronics & radio design, operating/DXing, homebrew projects, VHF, CW...even literature for young adults.


If you are a vintage radio enthusiast, you have to have a catalog from these people. They carry a wide assortment of radio-related parts and materials including tubes, caps, resistors, transformers and chokes, vintage grill cloth, dials, and knobs. Of course they feature a growing library of interesting books, including mine!

The Xtal Set Society (Featured Seller)

"The" organization to belong to if you're interested in crystal radio and/or early tube receivers. Membership gets you an outstanding newsletter with plans, schematics, and historical information. They also have a complete line of books, kits, and miscellaneous hard-to-find parts.


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