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Marvelous Magnetic Machines


This is the place for interesting news about Marvelous Magnetic Machines.


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MMM Book Progress Log



Wahoo! At long last, the final draft of Marvelous Magnetic Machines is complete! This includes the text as well as the hundreds of accompanying photos, illustrations, tables, graphs, and formula images.

For those of you who have waited patiently (for years!) for its completion, I wish to offer you all a special thanks. Your emails provided great incentive and are among the reasons why this work was driven to completion.

As if that is not good news enough, I recently entered into an agreement with an outstanding publisher, who will be handling the final editing, layout, typesetting, printing, and distribution of the book. I could not ask for a better partner to work with on this project.

Please visit this page again! In the coming weeks and months I will reveal the publisher, and I will share the publisher's progress as the book moves through the production process.



(initial -  06/30/2010)

(last update - 04/26/2020)